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Yoga Alliance Certified
Accessible Yoga Ambassador

You will gain the foundation to sort through the events of your personal history that have caused harm, contributed to pain, and manifest as anxiety, depression, impatience, judgment, jealousy, fear, and anger. The work helps you connect wholly to yourself and find compassion and empathy for others. It allows you to become grounded, well-regulated in any situation so that others can begin to co-regulate with us as they walk the path of their healing. This approach is a healing-centered, trauma-informed methodology of yoga.

Assisting you in creating a safe and welcoming space to experiement with yoga.

As teachers it is our goal to:

  • Teach you the fundamentals of yoga with some history, asanas, meditation and healing.
  • Healing trauma through the ancient eastern style of yoga.
  • Develop a yoga workout that is healthy, right, and accessible, while adhering to the “no-harm to self” motto.
  • Assist you to embracie A yoga workout while you make the choices of what modifications your body may need.
  • There is never any judgement, freedom to experiment and let you entwine youself into the full experession of yoga for yourself.

As teachers we strive to live up to:

I also found it very important to drive home the point that physical ability does not equal inner peace and that the power structure of teacher and student can become a dangerous power dynamic. As teachers we need to remember to stay humble and realize we are merely imparting teachings and skill sets, we are not all mighty healers, we are space creator where people can come to learn about themselves and take care of their needs through agency and self-empowerment. All yoga teachers need this outlook to tap into the benefits of yoga beyond the physical form.” –Kelly Wieman, Accessible Yoga participant.

Are you ready to place your ten toes on the yoga mat?

Yoga is for all, accepting of all, empowering all.

LGBTQ+ Focused

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